About us and our truffles

Since our establishment we have been able to provide the best quality truffles to our costumers from all over the world. Gold Istra serves the global cuisine with the best quality fresh truffles on the market, constantly focusing on the demands of our customers, which wish to be supplied with fresh truffles and top quality truffle products.

We are a team committed to respecting this spectacular gift of nature by gathering it in a sensible manner, without disrupting the delicate balance of the forests ecosystem and as such we not only think differently but also act differently. Our priority isnt the price, but the high standards of the producers. 

We cooperate with small local suppliers that respect the treasures of our land giving the appropriate love and care to their products. With limited quantities we can control production from the first to the last step, until it is delivered to you. 

At the same time offer a wide range of Truffle specialities: sauces, sweet creams, creams, oils and many others. All prepared following the traditional handicraft procedures but with the modern techniques of preservation to always guarantee absolute freshness and quality.

What Is A Truffle?

Truffles are one of the most rare, sought after and expensive culinary delicacies in the world.  Throughout history, they have resisted attempts at systematic cultivation and are searched out by truffle hunters, or, tartufai, and their trusty trained dogs, near the roots of special trees in secretly guarded forested locations in Europe and elsewhere. Truffle hunting dogs have been trained to detect the pungent scent of the truffle.

The truffle itself is a type of funghi or mushroom which grows entirely underground.  It is part of the larger taxonomical genus of “tubers”.  Truffles rely upon animals which eat them to reproduce.  These animals injest the flesh of the truffle and distribute the truffle spores.  Truffles have a unique, symbiotic, relationship with the roots of their “host” trees, such as the oak and hazelnut tree. The truffle and its host tree create a nutrient exchange with one another which allows both to grow.  The truffle takes necessary sugars from the roots of its nearby host tree—sugars which it cannot obtain by itself because it does not undergo photosynthesis. Likewise, the host tree obtains necessary nutrients from the soil through the truffle.

Truffles are rich in proteins and minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium.  They are a wonderful “health-food,” and a source of various important nutrients.

Truffles prefer to grow in temperate climates and in soils high in clay and/or calcium content.  Their gestation period varies between 5 and 8 weeks, depending upon the type of truffle.  Also, the shape and size and flavor of each truffle varies as per the species of truffle and the particular environment within which each truffle grows.  They grow during various periods of the year, depending upon the type of truffle and the region in which they grow.